Sing To My Lips

Size: 36 x 48


Oil on Canvas

Price: $1,250

Paper Print of Sing to My Lips: 12 x 16 =$35.00 ; 24 x 36 =$150.00

Canvas Print of Sing to My Lips: 12 x 16 =$70.00 ; 24 x 36 =$260.00


Inspired by I Love Your Kiss from my book, Poems.

I Love Your Kiss


Id kiss you if

Your lips were 80 years old,

Id warm them to passion so that they forgot the feeling of cold.

Id kiss you if

You let a 4 year old smother your lips with lipstick,

Id kiss you until the fading of the last candles wick.

Id kiss you if

If you were on the beach.

Id kiss you even if

You had been in a freak accident resulting in the loss of your teeth.

Id kiss you on your worst day.

Id kiss you so much youd think it was your birthday.

Id kiss you In the back of a van

Id kiss you even if your lips were African.

Id kiss you if you were upside down,

And baby Id love you if you spoke poetry that I thought was profound.

Id kiss you even if your pockets were empty.

If you had mono I wouldnt kiss you on the lips,

But Id gladly kiss your tummy and caress your hips.

Id kiss you under an umbrella or a natural waterfall,

By the fireplace,

Or in the shower against the steaming wall.

Id kiss you in the moonlight in the midst of fireflies

By the weeping willow,

Or under the bridge where the wind softly sighs.

in weightless space orbiting the Earth.

Id kiss you not once but twice cause I know what youre worth.


Copyright 2006 Jon Ross