Why is it called The Painted Word?

A word is a phrase summed up.† Why do we call the Bible the Word of God?† Perhaps because it is because the bible is a summary of God's existence, His character, and His relationship with man.† It is a summary because there would not be enough room in the whole world if all things about Him were recorded. (John 21:25)† In my paintings, I draw from a collection of Christian ideas, words, thoughts, and scripture summarizing them into a visual image.† To enhance the idea of how the Word of God can transform your life as it has transformed mine, I incorporate words and phrases into a painting which transform throughout the course of the painting.

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Be Like Me

Light of the World

At the Cross

Amazing Love


Sacrifice of Life

Face of Love

Who Am I

Word Became Flesh


Saviorís Profile

Carry Your Cross

His Colorful Face

Surround Jesus

My Body, My Blood

Serving the Undeserving

Proof to Thomas

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From Carpenter to King

The Garden Prayer

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Journey of Faith

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Iíve been performing paintings like these since 2004, not all my work is shown below.

Sunset Christ

3 Crosses

The Manger Scene

The 3rd Day


Feed My Sheep

The Crucifixion:


Hard Image ; Awesome Message

These paintings revolve around the message of Christís loving sacrifice.† They are meant to portray the strength to endure through painful trials in the spirit and attitude in which he did.

Red, White, and Blue

See Red, White, and Blue painted on Youtube

Colorful Christ

Resurrection Rainbow

I am the Gate, the Vine, the Bread, and the Light

The Aroma of Christ