The Basics on How to Hire the Painted Word Ministry:

Step 1: Pick a painting from the design gallery for your event;
            OR give me an idea for a new design* to fit your theme
*$50 extra for new design

Step 2: Contact Jon Ross by email or phone to schedule a day and time.
             I will then figure the cost of the “travel deposit” and add it to the base cost of $

             (price    details below)

Step 3: Mail travel Deposit.  Prepare the wooden frame.

             (more below)

Step 4: Jon arrives at the event at least 4 hours prior to painting, receives payment, builds and        sets up, paints and/or speaks, cleans up, and leaves you the painting.  Any assistance is        greatly appreciated.

Room!:  To prepare his canvas, Jon needs a room with enough floor space to easily set a 6’ by 4’ canvas on the floor with a power outlet.  Classrooms work.

Wood!:  An easy task for any carpenter.  The wood must be cut a certain way.  See the wood blueprint below.  Please have wood cut by the time of arrival or have uncut wood and a “miter saw” handy on location.

Preparing the Frame:

Painted Word Hiring Info

The cost of every painting is $475.  This pays for: the painting and its performance

($50 extra to create a new design.  $150 Discounts are given for multiple paintings, but you must ask for discount.  100% Guaranteed to like the painting.)

In addition to the cost of the painting, travel expenses (gas money or plane ticket) are added.

Driving?: Using Mapquest, I determine driving time roundtrip.  This way, I keep the costs as low as possible for you.  Driving cost is $25.00 an hour to compensate for time, gas, vehicle depreciation, and road meal(s).

Flying?:  Provide definite dates and hours asap.  After determining a flight, the amount must be mailed as a deposit.  I will book the flight & send you a copy of the email.  Provide airport pick-up and drop-off to eliminate cost of rental car.  I live in Las Vegas for your church’s benefit.  LAS has the cheapest airfare in the USA.  *If hotels or rental cars are needed, they are added costs.

Price Details:

Any more questions?  Keep in touch and we’ll be good to go!