Commissioning a Painting

When you commission a painting, you will see a sketch before I start painting.  After getting your approval, I will begin painting, and I’ll video the process.

Sizes:        Prices:

Price is determined by size

16” x 20”       $125

18” x 24”       $150

24” x 48”       $300

30” x 40”       $325

48” x 48”       $400

48” x 72”       $500

48” x 96”       $550


Payment can be made by cash, check, or

credit card via Paypal.


Checks made payable to Jon Ross


Paypal payments can be made to


First time buyers must pay up front.


Shipping is through UPS and

cost is added to the price of the painting.

Contact Info:

Phone: 423-677-5667