Jon R. L. Ross


A true P.A.C. man - Professional, Artistic, and Creative.

   Full-time painter/illustrator and part-time graphic designer. I am a well-rounded, well-traveled 26 year old. I obtained a 4.5 year Bachelor's degree of Fine Art, and I have 6+ years of experience using it. Every project I take on becomes a part of who I am, and that's why I will always push myself to create the best in visual arts.

  How did I get into art?  Art is a talent I've always used, but in 1998 my life changed when doctors discovered that I had auto-immune hepatitis of my liver.  Near death, I took nearly years to function normally again.  Art became my venue of expression and purpose.  I left my school being honored as most artistic and receiving Kingsport, Tennessee’s only art scholarship. I earned my B.F.A. (Bachelors degree of Fine Art) at Harding University.

  Since my first portrait sales in 2001, my career as an artist led me throughout Europe, Africa, and across the United States numerous times. In 2006, my cross country painting tour ended in Las Vegas- where I stayed for 3 years as a full-time graphic designer and photographer.  While in Vegas, I was diagnosed with liver cancer.  After months of waiting, I underwent a liver transplant at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.  A year after the transplant, I was fully recovered from cancer.  While recovering I began reading comics for the first time, and the escape it gave my mind fueled a new-found passion for illustration.  I now live in Atlanta, GA and work as a freelance artist and designer. 


  On an average day, I am drawing comics within Photoshop CS5 and sending out emails to get more leads and contacts.   You might find me working on my comic series “End of Time” or “The Inferno”, creating a company logo, or drawing out a cartoon commission.  On the weekends, you might see me at the airport heading to my next live Painted Word Ministry painting event.  But- anytime you see me, you can bet that I will be working on art!